Generating a storm of customers that will flood your business

If you’re running a YouTube ad that 200,000 people view, that’s 200,000 chances to give your best sales pitch. 200,000 separate prospects all see and hear your ad via one-on-one communication. The ads made by us make a red hot pitch for your product or service in the same way as a salesperson would in a face-to-face selling situation.


Note: Our pre made packages contain all of our services including Branding, Web Building, Social Media Management, Marketing and Advertising.

value plan


19,999/- PKR

Per month

For businesses ready to take their sales to the next level 

Scale plan


34,999/- PKR

Per month

For businesses who want to accelerate growth with a high volume of Sales for their brand

custom plan


4,999/- PKR

Per month

We tailor the Enterprise Plan to best fit your requirements.


We will explain you everything and make you a custom package based on your requirements


Hello Business Owner,

Sadly, today there seems to be an unspoken belief that the most important element behind profitable marketing is simply having the latest software with all the bells and whistles.

Go to any marketing forum or facebook group and you will see hundreds of questions such as these:

  • What’s the best landing page builder ?
  • Which is better WordPress or ClickFunnels ?
  • How many follow up emails should I have in my funnel ?
  • What’s the best colour for my call to action ?

Here is the brutal truth: None of this matters. 

Why not? Because you can have the most advanced technology, tools and sales funnel with all the fancy bells, whistles and advanced marketing automation that delivers a lame offer your audience simply ignore!

In contrast it will never beat a white-hot, irresistible offer (Developed by our “THE GODFATHER STRATEGY” ) presented to a starving crowd of your best customers presented in a new and unique way – but delivered using simple technology through a basic sales funnel a child could operate.

Listen carefully

You can always hire people to deliver the work, set up the technology, do your company accounts and tax returns.

But the guys who know how to craft a killer sales pitch that forces people to whip out there wallet and throw money at your product will always be rare… well paid… and sitting in the driver’s seat of there abundant future.

Good advertising is simply a sales pitch. Or better put, Salesmanship multiplied.

Your advertisement and sales message should act like an army of tiny salesman soldiers. And they should go forth, regardless of a delivery medium, and deliver a concert pitch.

Think about is this way – if you had a chance to make a 60 second sales pitch 80,000 times to 80,000 prospects, what would you say to them during those 60 seconds to give the most compelling information, build the most desire, make the best case, and reduce the risk for them to take the next step?

Hire us and we will show how it’s done ! 

Traffic we brought

Want more details?

We know you want more details but we can’t tell you everything here.. especially our techniques


Why don’t you give us a call and discuss some strategies on skyrocketing sales, We will be more than happy to show some of our techniques.

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