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We have made some strategies for building Jewel Castle online presence,

This is for the first 3 Months

First Step:

We take some time to understand your customer needs and goals before we start. Once we’ve identified your target audience, we’ll use our knowledge of psychology and human behavior to Design your website theme and Social  Media post designs. Then, using our expertise in UI design, we’ll give your brand a unique identity by giving it a theme (including color pallet and layout) that reflects your audience’s interests. This will help make you stand out among competitors while making users comfortable and increasing the conversion rate.


Second Step:

In 2nd step, We will make you a professional website. Your website is like a salesperson. It has to be professional and attractive, but also have personality and the ability to connect with your audience. We’ll work with you to create an appealing design, then convert it into a business-focused site that will generate leads and give you the tools you need to close sales.

Third Step:

We’ve got a website. Now what? It’s time to build a brand — A reputation that people can trust and rely on. We want to make sure Jewel Castle is seen as the best in its industry, and that it is a trusted resource for your customers.

We can help you achieve that with our social media management services. We’ll set up your accounts and pages according to theme, and we’ll create graphics and content that are perfect for your brand — and then we’ll make sure you get large quantity of likes and followers you need (through our system) to make an impression on the world!


Fourth Step:

We’ve built a great brand, and now we are ready to show the world what it can do for them. And that’s why we’re here: to get you up and running in no time at all.

Our team is full of experienced professionals who specialize in marketing — from creating ads which will grab your customer by the throat and drag them to your website. We know how to make sure your company is getting more out of every dollar spent on advertising than any other agency in town.

Fifth Step:

After getting traffic, We will collect all the data and use it to decrease the advertising costs and make you a perfect selling machine.



In the end of the month we will give you sheet in which you will have all the data of your website including Traffic,  Age Group, There interests etc


According to our policy we charge our fees at the end of the month that means we work free for the first month just pay you for DOMAIN registration and HOSTING. At end the end of the month if we did’nt do what we commited to do or you don’t like our service you can cancel it, and no fees will be charged.